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Valcea County is known for the cultivation of vines, especially on the hills in the south of the county where the town of Drăgășani or “Tuscany of Romania”, famous for wine production, is located and in the north, Valcea County is known for the curative properties of its mineral waters.

Electric Nights Brezoi 2024

26.07.2024 - 28.07.2024

Barrikade Folk Brezoi 2024

02.08.2024 - 04.08.2024

We Love Music Festival 2024

15.08.2024 - 18.08.2024

Valcea: The Other Words Konzert


Râmnicu Vâlcea: Konzert Bogdan Mihai Simion & Lautarii de Matase


Also here we can visit many famous monasteries, such as Horezu and Cozia, or in Horezu we can discover the history of ceramics inherited from the ancestors, where the talent of the people has made this a unique traditional craft.

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Children’s day
(June 2024)

Cosia Monastery at night
(May 2024)

Hanul Vatra Hotel
(May 2024)

Valcea Village Museum
(May 2024)

Forest Retreat & Spa
(May 2024)

Alina-Maria Monastery
(May 2024)


Valcea is a tourist attraction that you can visit at any time of the year and offers many enchanting places. Being a county with rich landforms here you can see mountain peaks, clear rivers, domed hills, special paths in the heart of the mountains for adventurers and hikers, but also numerous historical monuments, ancient ruins or Dacian fortresses and fortresses or monasteries.

The hilly area in the south of the county is the land of wine and vineyards, with picturesque landscapes where cellars for tasting local wine will always await you.

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Valcea is an administrative unit in southern Romania, a county rich in mineral resources with an area of approx. 5,800 km². It is a county that benefits from almost all forms of relief being crossed by the Olt river for a distance of 135 km.
Ramnicu Valcea is the county seat of Vâlcea and the largest city of the county. The identity of the county is given in particular by: balneology, fruit growing and viticulture, plus mountain tourism which have contributed to the economic growth of the country.


Valcea county

Valcea is an administrative unit located in southern Romania, a rich county that has all types of relief…

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Sightseeing, adventure and more await you in Valcea county. Visit monasteries and wine cellars…

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Caliman’s Glade

The “Poiana lui Caliman” park revives the story of the shepherd whose animals were cured of foot disease…

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Your hosts in and around Valcea county: hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, wine cellars, museums, parks and more…

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