Patrunsa Hermitage

Patrunsa Hermitage

The hermitage is located in Barbatesti commune, Valcea county, 7 km away from the village and is dedicated to “Cuvioasa Paraschiva”, from the name of the mother of Bishop Climent.

The access to this settlement can be done on DN 64A, Ramnicu Valcea – Baile Olanesti, passing through Pausesti-Maglasi, turning left towards the village of Cheia, then on the Valea Cheii, on the forest road leading to the Pahomie Monastery.

From the Pahomie Monastery the road access is possible only 3 km, then the road continues on mountain paths – approx. 2 km.

This hermitage was built in 1740 by Bishop Climent of Ramnic in memory of the fact that his mother Paraschiva Modoran from Pietrarii de Jos, who fled over the mountain for fear of a Turkish invasion, was born here, sheltering at the foot of Mount Buila, in the place called today Patrunsa.

The hermitage was destroyed after a rock fell, being rebuilt in the second half of the 18th century, by the priest Dumitru, the protopope Pietraru and the priest Ion Barbatescu, probably descendants of Bishop Climent.

In 1895, the hermitage was again abandoned and left without servants, but it was revived between 1934-1935 and was reopened on August 23, 1936, through the work of the hieromonk Veniamin Grigorescu.

The present construction dates back to the cent. XIX and the painting in Brancovenesc style with popular influences (see St. Dumitru, St. George painted above the entrance to the outer porch).

The church underwent modifications in 1963 and 1977 when the house of the abbot Veniamin Grigorescu (1935-1975) and Paul Niculescu 1975-1990 was built, when the porch was closed and the church covered with metal sheet.

The hermitage is preserved today in good condition and is declared a historical monument.

Thanks Vâlcea Turistica for permission to use the photos and information.