Baile Govora Resort

Baile Govora Resort

The resort is located 21 km from Râmnicu Vâlcea, and can be reached on the DN67, Râmnicu Vâlcea-Horezu-Târgu Jiu. Băile Govora is the only resort in Romania where the ratio of positive to negative aeroions is equal to 1. Băile Govora is considered one of the richest resorts in iodized and brominated waters in the world, the second in Europe.

Rich in iodized and brominated mineral waters, “Băile Govora resort is mainly focused on the treatment of respiratory and locomotor disorders”, writes in the book Cura balneoclimaterica in Romania by Nicolae Teleki, former professor and head of the department of “Physical medicine, rehabilitation and balneology” at the National University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila in Bucharest”.

The therapeutic indications for spa treatments in Baile Govora are noted in the paper. These are:

– Respiratory diseases
– ENT disorders
– Degenerative rheumatic diseases
– Rheumatic diseases of the joints
– Post-traumatic conditions
– Peripheral and central neurological disorders
– Associated conditions

A spa resort of general interest, it is renowned for the variety and therapeutic qualities of its mineral waters, which have been known and used for over a century and a half, since 1866.

The waters of Govora contain up to 38.3 mg per thousand bromine and iodine up to 41.8 mg per thousand. Both iodine and bromine are of organic origin, resulting from the decay of small algae. The calcium and magnesium that these waters contain in quite large quantities, i.e. calcium 15-3.3 per thousand and magnesium 0.77-1.05g per thousand, are due to sands and sandstones. Characteristic of the reservoir waters is also the presence of ammonium. These waters do not contain hydrogen sulphide, they are waters collected in wells at depths of 90 to 1860 metres. Each one flows between 40 and 160 cubic metres of water in 24 hours. Chloride-iodide-bromide well waters are old, fossil waters, forming slickens and permeable layers in sands.

Renowned for the variety and therapeutic properties of the mineral waters, plus the mud and the ecological climate, Baile Govora resort offers a complex spa cure with very special therapeutic effects, especially in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

The three types of mineral waters available in Baile Govora resort, as classified – chloride-sodium, iodide and bromide mineral waters; concentrated chloride-sodium and sulphurous mineral waters; hypotonic, sulphurous, weakly bicarbonated mineral waters – are used for external and internal cures.

High-concentration iodide, bromide, sulphur, chloride, sodium, hypertone and hypotonic sulphurous mineral waters are used for external cures.

Bicarbonated, sulphurous, sodic, calcic, hypotonic mineral waters are used for internal cure.

The resort has modern treatment facilities with all the necessary facilities for iodized and sulphurous mineral water therapies, hot mud applications, electrotherapy, physiotherapy.

Thanks Vâlcea Turistica for permission to use the photos and information.