Cornetu Monastery

Cornetu Monastery

Formerly a monastery of monks, today Cornetu Monastery with the “Cutting of the Head of Saint John the Baptist” is located on the Ramnicu Valcea – Sibiu road, about 50 km north of Ramnicu Valcea, in the village of Calinesti, Brezoi town, 2 km from Cornetu railway station, on the Ramnicu Valcea – Sibiu railway line.

It was founded by the vornic Mares Bajescu and his wife Maria, in 1666. The altar was painted in 1741. In 1808 it was destroyed by a fire, being rebuilt and painted in 1835. In 1898 the railway and the tunnel that passes under the gates in front of the church were built, and it was necessary to demolish the chapels.

Of the old buildings only a gazebo, the walls and the defensive tower north and east of the church remain. The dome and part of the altar were demolished in 1916-1918 and rebuilt between 1923-1925. The last restoration of this historical monument was done in 1960 by the Directorate of Historical Monuments. The painting is in fresco, the altar was painted in 1761 by the painters Radu, Mihail and Iordache, and the nave and the pronaos in 1835 by the abbot Irinarh.

The church is tall, with very thick stone walls. The interior is divided into altar, nave and pronaos; it has two spires, one on the nave and the second on the pronaos. The exterior walls are alternating plaster and brick. All around there is a painted embrasure.

Thanks Vâlcea Turistica for permission to use the photos and information.