Cozia National Park

Cozia National Park

Cozia National Park, a natural area in Valcea County, in the central-southern part of the Southern Carpathians, covers an area of 17.100 ha. The boundaries of the park overlap the eastern part of the Căpățânii Mountains, the entire massif of the Cozia Massif and the south-eastern part of the Lotrului Mountains.

The national park is a mountain area with a great geological and geomorphological diversity (karst relief with sharp peaks, towers, needles, limestone ridges, caves, gorges, valleys; forests, meadows and meadows) with several types of habitats.

Six mammal species are found here: brown bear, lynx, wolf, common bat, big-eared bat and broad-eared bat, and there are Dacic beech forests, acidophilous forests, boreal and alpine meadows on siliceous substrate, siliceous groves, woody vegetation, alpine and boreal scrub.

The first proposal for the establishment of the Cozia National Park was in 1966, and it was declared a protected area by Law no.5 of 6 March 2000 (on the approval of the National Territorial Planning Plan – Section III – protected areas).

In 2003, Government Decision No 230 of 4 March 2003 (on the delimitation of biosphere reserves, national parks and nature parks and the establishment of their administrations) re-established the boundaries and area of the biosphere reserve. The national park includes the nature reserve Călinești – Brezoi Forest, a protected area (with an area of 200 ha) of geomorphological (Brezoi conglomerates), floristic and landscape importance.

Access is via the DN 7 (E81). Distances from the main towns near the park are 25 km to Râmnicu Vâlcea and 45 km to Sibiu.

Cozia National Park offers many options of activities that you can enjoy. You can visit monasteries or go hiking, nature walks or you can choose something refreshing like mountain tourism or different sports, depending on the season.