Lotru Valley with Transalpina

Lotru Valley with Transalpina

Lotru Valley is located in Valcea county and is a fairy-tale place with many tourist attractions worth visiting. It is known as one of the most picturesque tourist roads in Valcea that crosses several agrotouristic areas and includes 3 lakes, waterfalls and two mountain resorts.

It is located in the Southern Carpathians, the Parâng group and for 80 km it crosses the Parâng Massif, the south of the Lotrului Mountains, the north of the Căpățânii Mountains and the Latoriței Mountains.

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Here are the most impressive roads in the country: the Transalpina (King’s Road), with the highest altitude in Romania, 2145 m in the Urdele Pass, and the Strategic Road (Strategica) built in the First World War, a road that crosses the main peak of the Latorița Mountains.

On the Lotru Valley you can visit: the Oltețului Gorges, Piatra Feței, Muierii Cave, Polovragi Cave, Apa Spânzurată Waterfall and Moara Dracilor Waterfall. The Latorița gorges and gorges are a unique natural monument, formed by the Latorița river in the mountains of the same name.


The Transalpina (DN 67C) also known as the King’s Highway is a national road in the Parâng Mountains in the Southern Carpathians. It is the highest road in Romania, with its highest point at Pasul Urdele (2,145 m). It crosses four counties – Gorj, Vâlcea, Sibiu, Alba – crossing the Parâng Mountains from south to north, with the highest altitude on a stretch of about 20 km in Gorj and Vâlcea counties, where it is a “ridge road”.

It is 137 kilometres long and is closed every year in winter between the resort of Rânca and Obârșia Lotrului. The road links the towns of Novaci in Gorj county and Sebeș in Alba county.

The Transalpina is a popular tourist destination, offering breathtaking scenery, including Vf. Păpușa (2,136 m), Vf. Dengheru (2,084 m), Petrimanu Lake, Vf. Urda (2,228 m), Vf. Micaia (2,170 m), Vf. Muntinu (2.062 m), Muntinu Lakes, Lotru River, Gâlcescu Lake, Obârșia Lotrului Monastery, Vidra Lake, Oașa Monastery, Oaș Lake, Tău Lake, Rânca Ski Resort, Transalpina Ski Resort and many others. You can also reach the resort of Păltiniș and the town of Rășinari in Sibiu county from the Transalpina via Valea Frumoasei (Beauty Valley).