Ocnele Mari Resort

Ocnele Mari Resort

Ocnele Mari is a spa resort located about 15 km south-west of the town of Râmnicu Vâlcea, in the county of Vâlcea, Romania.

The resort covers an area of about 18 hectares and is famous for its salty springs and mineral water, which are used to treat several ailments, including rheumatic, dermatological and endocrine diseases.

Ocnele Mari can be reached using the DN 67 road, the distance from Râmnicu Vâlcea being about 8 km. The town of Ocnele Mari, by its geographical position, but especially by the great wealth of the subsoil – salt, has allowed the development of human communities since the late Neolithic.

The exploitation of salt deposits in the area dates back to the early Iron Age, but especially in the following period, when the Geto-Dacians built an important Dacian fortress, “Buridava”, near the Salat stream. It had a strong economic, military, commercial and religious character, thus making this area of the Ocnelor part of the commercial circuit towards Italy, in which the Greek cities of the Adriatic were also involved.

In 1881, the first salt baths were opened and in 1933 Ocnele Mari became a town, a spa and tourist resort of national interest.

The settlement lies in a depression, at an altitude of about 320 m, surrounded by hills between 400 and 600 m above sea level. Under these hills there is a salt massif about 600 m thick, which is the main natural resource of the place and which has been exploited since ancient times, giving the name of the place (“ocnă” meaning “salt mine”).

An important tourist attraction is the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine, which lies at a depth of about 250 metres below ground level and is known for its aerosol therapy and halotherapy.

In addition, the resort offers various activities for tourists, such as mineral water baths, massages, relaxation therapy, winter sports and nature hikes.

All in all, Ocnele Mari resort is a perfect destination for people looking to relax or recover after a stressful period, and who want to explore the natural beauty of the area.

Thanks Vâlcea Turistica for permission to use the photos and information.