Ramnicu Valcea Zoo

Ramnicu Valcea Zoo

The Zoo in Râmnicu Vâlcea has opened its doors and awaits visitors of all ages. You are invited outdoors where you can admire a wide variety of animals from Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The Râmnicu Vâlcea Zoo has been reopened after a period of time during which numerous investments were made in order to arrange and create habitats to ensure the welfare of the animals in captivity.

The park offers leisure facilities: multi-purpose education room, relaxation room and children’s playground. As the number of ‘tenants’ increases, the garden benefits from a public water garden of European standards.

The zoo offers occasional horse-riding activities or horse-riding lessons for children and adults.

Some rules for visiting

– Do not feed the animals, even if you enjoy it!
– Don’t get close to animals, they might hurt you!
– Do not throw objects at animals!
– Do not frighten animals!
– Do not bring pets inside!
– Do not smoke!
– Don’t cross the bumper, you may shake the animals or even get hurt!
– Keep clean and quiet!

Prices Zological Garden Râmnicu Vâlcea

– Children under 5 years – free of charge
– Children between 5 – 18 years: 2 Lei
– Adults: 3 Lei
– Organised group: 1 Leu/ person

Thanks Vâlcea Turistica for permission to use the photos and information.