Stanisoara Monastery

Stanisoara Monastery

Monastery in the mountains, located in Călimănești / Vâlcea. Stanisoara Monastery (monastery of monks, dedicated to “Saint George”) is located at the foot of the Cozia massif, on its southern slope, on the territory of Calimanesti, Valcea county. The access is on the Pausa – Stanisoara valley on the north direction, leaving from the CFR Pausa – Caciulata stop, at about 6 km, or from the CFR Turnu station, on the east direction, at about 4 km.

At Nucet – Stanisoara, the first monastic settlement was a hermitage built of wood (the date of construction is unknown), which is linked to the names of the monks Meletie, Neofit, Isaia and others, who came to these places from the monastery Cozia and who lived in the caves here.

In 1747, Gheorghe Clucerul, together with other nobles from Pitesti, built a church here which was deserted in 1788 by Turkish navalers, who burned the church and killed the monks.

Between 1803-1806 is rebuilt hermitage Nucet – Stanisoara by monks Sava and Theodosius, who came from Athos, supported by Bishop Joseph I of Arges, but the fire of 1850 will destroy the entire settlement.

The present stone church was built between 1903-1908, under the patronage of Bishop Gherasim Timus, the abbot being Nicodim Manu. In 1937 the paraclis church was built. At the monastery in the mountain, six archbishops, members of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, participated in the laying of the foundation stone. At that time there was a rest house with 100 beds inside the monastery.

The entire monastic settlement is located in a peaceful natural setting, surrounded by enticing natural beauties. The monks lead a very austere life, services are held at night, and food is meatless.

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